What does the 2018 Comprehensive Plan recommend?


One-Minute Summary:

The 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update makes recommendations about six specific areas of planning in Lexington. They are as follows:

  1. Growing Successful Neighborhoods
  2. Protecting the Environment
  3. Creating Jobs & Prosperity
  4. Improving a Desirable Community
  5. Maintaining a Balance between Planning for Urban Uses and Safeguarding Rural Land
  6. Implementing the Plan for Lexington-Fayette County and the Bluegrass

The recommendations in these areas focus on the existing assets of Lexington. This ranges across each of the areas - everything from attracting employers by promoting Lexington's quality of life, to preserving our rural landscape, to incentivizing affordable and creative development inside the Urban Service Boundary.

Summaries about the recommendations in these areas can be found in the links below, and even more information can be found in the Goals & Objectives summary here.


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Big Questions about the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update:


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Richard Young