CivicLex Council Guide

Investing in Affordable Housing

Growing the Police Force & Public Safety Divisions

Encouraging Community-Based Policing

Ensuring School Safety

Resolving Traffic Issues

Increasing Arts Funding

Moving Towards Community-Based Schooling

Increasing Opportunity for High-Unemployment Areas of the City

Addressing Opioid Addiction Disorder

Fixing Sidewalks & Increasing Pedestrian Infrastructure

Addressing Absentee Landlordism

After-School Drug Prevention Programs

Agricultural Hemp Production

Building New Business Networks

Convention Center Redevelopment

Creating New Business Parks

Ensuring Housing Quality Standards

Increased Housing Choices

Increasing Governmental Transparency

Investing in Mental Health

Job Training

Local Food Ecnonomy

More District Control of City Budget

Protecting Rural Land

Providing Employment to Resolve Panhandling


Transmittable Disease Prevention

Welcoming Immigrants