Amanda Bledsoe, District 10

CONTACT: / (859) 280-8247


Economic Development:
With about 80% of City revenue coming from payroll taxes, it’s imperative that we foster a strong workforce and local economy. I have championed smart investments of City resources, including the jobs fund and workforce development grants. As our economic needs grow and change, we will need to continue to pursue innovative solutions to support a resilient economy.

As our City continues to grow, investing in basic infrastructure will remain a high priority. Much of the infrastructure we have now is past its useful life and cannot handle our current needs. I continue to advocate for funding of our roads, sewer & stormwater systems, parks, trails and sidewalks, and I insist on logical, informed decisions when pursuing these projects.

Public Safety
Creating a safe environment in our parks, our neighborhoods, and across the City is local government’s first job. The largest portion of the City’s budget annually is dedicated to funding public safety, and it is important that we continue to provide our law enforcement officers and first responders with the resources they need to best serve our community.