Bill Farmer Jr.,

District 5

CONTACT: / (859) 280-8242


The principle education-related issue facing the Council is the safety and security of our children as they travel to and from school. As Lexington continues to grow, I do believe we can do a better job communicating and coordinating development with the future needs of Fayette County Schools. We will continue to emphasize police presence in and around schools as we have done in the past.

Public Safety
The opioid crisis and crime in general will continue to be our most challenging public safety issue. I have been one of the Council’s most outspoken advocates for additional police officers, fire fighters and funding for the equipment they need to do their jobs. My plan is to continue to promote effective communications between citizens and law enforcement and find ways to help them do their jobs. I am also committed to finding more answers to the opioid crisis in treatment and prevention programs.

Road maintenance and traffic planning
are issues our community must continue to deal with on an ongoing basis. Both directly impact the safety of all people and vehicles using our right of ways.

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