Jake Gibbs,

District 3

CONTACT: jgibbs@lexingtonky.gov / (859) 280-8240


Development & Housing

We need more affordable housing for low-income people. We also need more housing downtown for people who are not poor but can't live in the expensive condos that take up so much of the housing scene. If we want downtown to thrive we need to get more people living there.

General Governance

I think the city is generally governed well. But the budgeting process is too top-down. I would like to see more of the budget allocated to the Council Districts so the Council Member with the citizens could decide priorities for the district.

Public Health

Mosquitoes and Hepatitis are immediate concerns. But in the long run I think obesity, and the related problems like are heart disease and diabetes are most important. This is a complex issue which the local government can have limited impact on. (I am the Council representative on the Board of Health and address all these issues in that capacity.) But I think we can contribute by improving conditions for walkers and bikers, and advocating for our Parks and Recreation department.

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