Jennifer Mossotti, District 9

CONTACT: / (859) 280-8246


Public Safety
I remain committed to investing in our police, fire, and corrections as necessary to ensure we continue to have the largest, best trained, and best equipped police force possible. I will continue to provide the residents with the expertise of the police, and ensure that citizen’s calls are responded to by the police department in an appropriate and timely manner. Every resident and their family members should feel safe and secure in their home.

Raising traffic congestion is an inescapable challenge in large and growing metropolitan areas like Lexington.A balanced transportation system is essential. Optimizing traffic-light management, using CCTV to monitor road conditions, enforcing existing traffic laws, improving perceptions of buses, improving bus services, developing and refining park-and-ride are just some of the things needed to help ease traffic congestion- and many of those things we are already doing here in Lexington.

Development & Housing
We must continue to strive to provide a diverse mix of housing choices for all stages of life and income ranges. I will work to protect the integrity of all neighborhoods and to make varied housing available.

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