Preston Worley,

District 7

CONTACT: / (859) 280-8244


Development & Housing
Our city has a housing shortage, but most notably an affordable housing shortage. Affordable housing is a passion of mine. My private law practice focuses on the financing and development of affordable housing. As a Councilmember I have championed and supported the funding of offices and programs to address homelessness prevention, affordable housing development, and neighborhoods in transition. I will continue to support and fight for expansion of the LFUCG Affordable Housing Trust Fund that has leveraged approximately $100 million in affordable housing development.

General Governance
As Councilmember, I have advocated for expansion of our police and fire departments, improvements to our roads and sidewalk infrastructure, and continued investment in our parks. I will continue to advocate for those issues that I believe to be the most important all while keeping a watchful eye on our budget to ensure that we are spending the City's money responsibly.

Public Safety
My number one priority is the continued investment in public safety. Public safety is the biggest and most important challenge facing all of our city, the 7th District included. I supported increases to both our police and fire departments this past year. In the coming year, I will support a larger police force and the creation of a new patrol sector, as well as the continued investment in our fire and emergency medical services.

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