Richard Moloney,


CONTACT: / (859) 280-8251


Agriculture & Food Systems
I believe there is tremendous potential for hemp production in Fayette County, which will positively impact our agricultural economy in the years ahead. I will work with the new administration, my council colleagues and UK to establish a hemp processing facility in Fayette County. I envision a facility similar to the new Bluegrass Stockyards.

Arts & Culture
I voted to dedicate 1% of our annual bonding budget to the arts, which will result in approximately $300,000 of funding specifically for arts in our community. I think dedicated funding at this level will be a game changer for arts and culture in Lexington. The next step is to create an arts masterplan and bring a good team together to determine the best use of the funding to have the greatest impact on Lexington.  

Economic Development
I always say jobs=economic development, and while there is record-low overall, there are areas of Fayette County that are at 20-30% unemployment. At the same time, we need to address a shortage of skilled trade workers in our building, construction and manufacturing sectors. I support training and educational programs specifically geared to bring the folks who are unemployed to the employers who need them. We have plenty of high paying jobs in the skilled trades and plenty of people we can train to fill these jobs.  

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