In 2018, we directly engaged with 8,889 Fayette County residents and hosted 95 conversations in community.

8,402 of those people were engaged digitally.

487 of those people were engaged in our physical workshops and events.

67 of those people were LFUCG Employees.



  • 8,402 Fayette County Residents engaged with our Digital Work.

  • They spent a total of 276,541 minutes reading about civic issues on our platform.

  • That equals 576 Work Days.

  • 1 out of every 30 Fayette County Voters used our Election Hub.

  • 1,200 Fayette County voters used our website to find their voting location

  • Our Digital Work is most popular with women (60%) between the ages of 25 - 34 (33%).


  • 487 Fayette County residents spent time in conversation with our work.

  • They spent a total of 70,200 minutes engaging with us in physical space.

  • That equals 146 Work Days.

  • They had 95 conversations with each other about civic issues, facilitated by CivicLex.

  • In these conversations, there was an LFUCG Employee for every 7 people.


  • CivicLex Staff spent about 3,060 hours working this year.

  • We kept track of time for about half of that.

  • We spent about 810 of those hours designing stuff.

  • We spent about 680 of those hours writing emails.

  • We spent about 520 hours writing over 750,000 words.

  • We spent about 350 of those hours meeting with folks.

  • We spent about 62 of those hours in our events and workshops.

  • We spent about 48 of those hours recording the CivicLex Radio Hour.