Toward Viability


Consisting of 15% of Central Kentucky's workforce, the Non-Profit Sector is an important and vital part of Lexington's civic fabric, providing services and support for important needs that are not addressed by the municipal government or by the private sector.

While research has been done about the economic and social outcomes of this sector, little research is readily available about how the work itself impacts the sector’s own workforce and organizations. This information is important to understand, given Lexington’s focus on economic development through attracting and retaining a talented workforce - much of which is in our non-profit sector.

CivicLex’s 2019 report “Toward Viability: A Workforce Health Analysis of Fayette County’s Non-Profit Sector” seeks to generate a comprehensive understanding of the quality of life and quality of work for employees in Lexington’s non-profit sector.

How are non-profit workers supported by their employers? Do non-profit workers feel that they have upwards career trajectory in Lexington?

Are there enough employment opportunities in the sector? Are we at risk of losing local talent to neighboring communities?

How do non-profit workers feel about their work/life balance? What is the psychological impact of working in this sector? Do non-profit employees struggle with mental health issues?

What are the policies, producers, and practices that make healthy, robust non-profit organizations?

On March 4th, CivicLex will launch a survey that seeks to gather answers to these questions, and more.

If you are a non-profit Staff Member, Executive Director, or Board Member (past or present), please consider filling out our survey and providing input that will be vital for shaping the future of our Non-Profit sector.

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