What is CivicLex?

CivicLex is a new civic platform from ProgressLex and Under-Main that wants to help people understand the issues and processes that impact Lexington. The goal of CivicLex is to help people understand what is happening in Lexington by providing non-partisan and relatable information about civic issues (like affordable housing) and civic processes (like city board and committee meetings).

Issue Hub - CivicLex's Issue Hub focuses on addressing questions about civic issues. The questions that we address are suggested by subscribers and visitors and are chosen by our editorial board. For each question about an issue, we try to provide enough information that visitors can self-select how much they want to know. On one end, it includes as little information as a 1-minute summary, and on the other it includes fully-cited curated perspectives, direct links to the legislation, interactive lists of who is involved, and more.

Civic Glossary - This, located on the web-version of the platform, will help readers understand terms like CHDO, TIF, and many other confusing acronyms and terms in civic life.

Civic Zines - These are physical copies of the platform itself, and will be distributed throughout the city of Lexington.

CivicLex On Air - These are a set of regular podcasts that cover relevant issues and feature interviews with individuals involved in civic issues.

CivicLex Openings - These are gallery-style events and town halls focused on bringing together stakeholders and everyday citizens to discuss specific issues and experience a physical version of our platform.

What sets us apart from other civic platforms?

We are issue-focused. We focus on issues that are impacting our city. Building our platform around issues connects what we're doing to the things that impact people's daily lives.

We are built around common language. We want our platform to be accessible to as many citizens as possible - and that means making our language understandable and explaining public policy jargon.

We are led by local practitioners. CivicLex’s team has backgrounds in journalism, public policy, community development, politics, and more. This extensive experience in civic life helps us navigate the system - and determine why so many find it difficult to do so.

Lastly, our platform’s filtering. CivicLex allows readers to sort all issues, topics, and reports in a variety of ways. Sector filtering will allow users to see how similar issues interact within multiple civic sectors. Geographic filtering will allow users to see how the impacts of multiple issues overlap in physical spaces. Legislative filtering will provide summaries of legislation, and demonstrate how legislation intersects with multiple issues. Player filtering will allow users to see what people and organizations are involved in issues.